Tips for Designing a Great Play House

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What are your happiest childhood memories?  How can you recreate them for your children?  These are just a few ideas to keep in mind when designing a playhouse for your kids.  The outdoors is a wild adventure even in your backyard’s boundaries.

A playhouse is a great way to get your children outdoors and away from the TV screen.  The fresh air and activity will make your children happier, healthier and more independent.  Expelling all that energy that our children are contained with everyday, while they are sitting in cars, at school in the house.  Too many children have high levels of energy because they are not able to release in a healthy way.

When designing the inside of the playhouse think about what you want your children to be using this space for; craft projects, gardening etc.

If you are designing a playhouse for your kids there are a few things that you should keep in mind.  Place the playhouse where it is visible from the inside of your home so you can keep your eyes on them.  Try to pick neutral decorating techniques that they will enjoy years from now.  Ask you kids for their input in the entire process.  If you have boys and girls make the space gender friendly.

Keep in mind that this playhouse is for your kids and they should be calling the shots.  It is a safe haven from boring adult life, where they can run their own home.   This is a place they can be messy and can relax from tidiness and other in house rules.

The best part about being a kid is spending time outside all day.  Going on adventures in the backyard.  Playing with bugs and getting dirty.  A summer spent outside causes growth spurts and smiles.

You can meet them for lunch in their playhouse.  Of corse only by permission.  Home work can be done outside in the fresh air.

Young children need to develop their sense of self and independence.  Giving them their own space where they are free to set it up the way they want, will build character and creativity.

We recommend, Wales, Bristol and the Brighton for the perfect size playhouses. They have many windows for great light and the cottage designs make them popular playhouses.

Set up an area where your children can have lunch and also make crafts.  Hang up a chalk board.

Incorporate the outside of the garden sheds by designating an area where your children can do their own gardening.  This is a great way for your children to learn how to grow and take care of their own plants.

Put yourself in their shoes.  Go back to a time when you were little.  What would have been the ideal playhouse for you?  How did you spend most of your time playing?

Here are some cute ideas you should check out!

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