Wood benefits

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Advantages of Wooden Material:

1. Wood is recyclable

Frames and heavy boards can be re-used easily. Wood waste can be used as an energy source or compost.

2. Wood is renewable

Sustainable forest management makes sure that companies that use wooden products do not take advantage of this resource.

3. Wood is ecological

During their growth, trees purify the atmosphere because they emit a certain quantity of oxygen, which is produced through photosynthesis. However, trees also store and give-off carbon dioxide. Without the intervention of people, wood would biologically degrade and convert into compost, as a result of which, CO2 would be released into the atmosphere. With the use of wood in construction, CO2 becomes stored in a fixed form; in turn the greenhouse gas impact on our environment decreases.

Therefore, using wood as a construction material helps purify the atmosphere by holding in a large quantity of carbon dioxide.

4. Wood is a low-energy resource and an efficient heat insulator

The production and processing of wood demands rather little energy when compared to other construction material. Moreover, wood is an excellent source of heat insulation. Compared with brick construction, the heat insulation capacity of wood is six times higher and as much as twelve times higher than concrete. When a brick house is heated, the walls absorb most of the heat that is exuded. With wood construction, the inside space and air is immediately heated, because wood is less dense than brick. The result is a warmer house that warms quicker and most importantly, a lower energy bill.

5. Wood offers light construction

The lightness of wood allows significant savings regarding the foundation.

7. Wood is tough

Wood has exceptional mechanical strength. The carrying capacity is five times higher than with concrete.

9. Wood is easy to use

Those who design wooden chalets can use their creativity to devise the perfect cabin.

10. Wood is cheap and durable

Building with wood is more affordable and efficient for several reasons:

A decrease in construction time as compared to other building material.
No heavy foundation is necessary; even in more swampy areas one can work with a foundation of foam concrete.
Durability with exceptional mechanical strength. Many believe that a wooden chalet requires much more maintenance and lasts for a shorter period of time than for example, a brick house. However, many places around the world have century old wooden chalets that are still in good condition. Nevertheless, the very important step of wood protection should be completed during and after construction to ensure a long-lasting building.
11. Wood is healthy

Wood purifies air. Wooden walls can breathe. It has been proved that people with asthma, allergies, and rheumatism benefit from living in wooded surroundings. Therefore, wood ensures a healthy environment.

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