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Time to Paint that Shed!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Painting your shed will add character to your backyard as well as preserve your wood for many years to come. There are a few rules that have to be followed for a successful paint job of your pine shed. Doing some surface sanding and then washing the surface will ensure the best paint application. Wait until the surface is completely dry before applying primer. Primer will prevent sap and resin from damaging your paint job. For best results apply two coats. Make sure the primer is completely dry before you get into a mess with paint. Once your shed is all dry you can apply paint. Apply as many coats as you would like but again make sure the previous coat has dried.

To keep that cabin feel you can stain your shed and keep that natural look to your shed. To make your shed a focal point, the right color patterns can make your shed very attractive. If you have a lot of greenery in your yard try a gold color maybe even a reddish gold which will play well with your surroundings. You can try to match your shed with the color of the surrounding tree trunks. This will blend your shed into the environment. A grayish brown and navy blue works looks nice in the yard. If it will be in open space I recommend lighter colors like natural tan.
The right color mix can work well too. Just pick the colors you like and paint them side by side on an example. Try to make your example proportionate to how much of each color will be used on your shed.

For the actual paint, Acrylic latex is known to be the most long lasting paint and is also believed to be better for your health than other options. Be sure to ask a professional at a paint store so they can steer you toward exactly what you are looking for.

If you want your shed to last you have to apply stain or paint to protect it from weather damage. Consider the weather in your area and buy paint or stain made especially to protect from those natural erosions. You will be surprised how long your shed can last. Look at your environment for inspiration when choosing paint color. Also look to the foundational design elements in your house that can work well for you outdoor structure. Be creative and have fun!

Fine Vines to Decorate Your Shed Kit

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Vines are a great way to incorporate your shed into your garden. There are many different varieties, some which produce delicious fruit! They grow quickly and need little care. Make sure to keep your neighbors in mind when planting vines because they spread. They also increase pollination and make your garden more successful. Below are a few vines I find impressive and will make your shed bloom.

Vines are great for attracting humming birds and the Trumpet Vine accomplishes this well. Flourishes in US zones 5-9. Can climb up to 30 feet and can be hard to remove because of deep, stubborn roots. Also known as Campsis radican, it is a native American plant that can be grown all over the country. Produces beautiful red, yellow and orange flowers that will attract beautiful birds to your shed.

The Clematis is a fast climbing vine that has many varieties that bloom at different times. You can have three different varieties so that you have flowers blooming in the spring, summer, and fall. This vine is most successful in US zones 3-9. They attract butterflies and people’s noses.

The Wisteria is a beautiful vine but is also known to cause a little bit of hysteria because in the right environment it can take over your shed. This vine will definitely add a secret garden feel especially when you enter what looks to be a big flowery bush. If you are into more of a Narnia outdoor experience then I recommend giving this vine a try. This garden thug can climb up to 30 feet. The flowers are absolutely beautiful but if you keep a strict garden prevent yourself the hassle and aim for a softer vine.

The name says it all, Morning Glory. Every day you wake up you will be pleasantly greeted by blooming flowers and at night after your long day at work you will see the flowers close. These vines spread really quickly and will transform a bare wall. This annual plant likes direct sunlight and will climb up to 15 feet. Lean some ladders on your shed and watch this plant flourish. They come in many colors and will make you happy all summer.

For the chocolate lover there is the Akebia vine so when you are not eating chocolate you can be smelling it. Or you can eat chocolate while smelling your chocolate smelling Akebia. The flowers are purple and white. This is a more fragile plant that does well in US zones 4-9 and can climb up to 30 feet!

The Kiwi Vine(Actinide kolomikta) is a nice vine. Grows up to 15 feet. Does best in US zone 5-9. The female plant grown with the male plant will produce the cutest, edible, sweet baby kiwis. The small kiwi vine enjoys partial sun. The leaves have pink and white accents.

For a plant that will quickly climb, the French, Sweet Lace Grape Vine(Vitis Vinifera), will do the trick. It will take several years before it produces grapes. It can grow 20-40 feet a year so make sure to keep an eye on it if you do not want a take over of your entire yard. This plant grows well in US zones 6-9.

The Sweet Pea Vine has flowers that look like little orchids. This plant likes the sun and can climb up to eight feet. Most of the flower varieties are fragrant and come in many colors. There are many different varieties. This annual plant grows well in US zones 6-9. Blooming depends on the amount of heat in your region. They begin to bloom in late spring and in colder climates can bloom into the fall.

Shed for Storing Sports and Outdoor Equipment

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

A shed can be used to store sporting equipment that can be easily accessed. Many times when storing sports gear in the home or garage, some items are stored in such a way that it is not possible to access them. Specially if you live in a colder climate. During the winter months many things accumulate which can barricade bikes and etc. If you have kids you know that the amount of outdoor toys can get extensive. Would it not be nice to clean up your garage and keep these items in a specially designated area? Keeping smelly sports equipment in the outdoor shed will make your house cleaner and smelling a whole lot better. At least in my family, having any type of sport practice meant a lot of running around looking for uniforms and equipment. Many times this caused many fights and late arrivals. Now when everything is in one place and all sports gear is organized it prevents many problems.

Many outdoor sports enthusiasts store their gear in a storage shed instead of home and the garage. Kayaks, boats, bikes, wind surf, surf boards, tents, climbing gear are just some things that can be conveniently stored and accessed from a storage shed. Depending on how much of an outdoor lover you are, you can choose the perfect size shed for storing.

Kids Moving Back In? Why Not House Them in the Shed?

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Times are hard and a lot of college graduates are moving back home. If you are stuck with the dilemma of what to do with your kids who are coming back from college you might consider making them their own personal space.

It might be a little scary thinking that your college graduate, or drop out will be living in your backyard, rest assured, it will be far better than how they were living in college.

They will also enjoy the private space and so will you. The word shed does not sound luxurious but with a little work a wooden kit can become the perfect little house. Even the Kardashian’s will be jealous.

Young people have different schedules, and often times music taste. Sometimes their rooms have been transformed for other uses while they were away. If you are lucky to have a more motivated child, they will appreciate the privacy for getting work done. Many famous writers have worked from an outdoor shed. Today it is a popular choice for inspiration for today’s leading writers. If finding work takes longer than expected, they can write a novel from a shed like Mark Twain or become a famous political drafter like Thomas Jefferson.

Once they move on, you can use it for an outdoor studio or garden shed.

How SolidBuild Can Make Your Summer Retreat Dream Come True

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

We spend most of our lives working, many times in urban areas. The hustle of everyday life has us longing for a vacation many times during the year. The two most frequent excuses for not going on vacation are that we are unable to find the time and the money to go. Planning well ahead will make vacationing possible to schedule and financially safe.

While vacations are necessary no matter how expensive they are, they are not as common as they should be. People in the United States spend most of their time working. With weekends left to do chores at home or even running to go to another job, many of us feel burnt out many times during the year.

Now imagine, having a little space in a beautiful place where you can run to for retreat whenever you need a break from modern life. This in return will make you a better worker and keep you going.

Having a log cabin a couple hours from your home in a natural setting, can become the perfect safe haven when you need to take a break. This is more affordable than you think, and something you can pass down for future generations to enjoy. Currently it is a great time to invest in plot of land. One day we will be looking back and asking ourselves, “why didn’t I buy land when it was so affordable?”

The best form of relaxation is in the natural environment. Where you can once again connect with your roots and regain your health and energy. Where your head is not stuck to a screen have it be your phone, the television or the computer. Where you have no deadlines to meet, no trains to catch, no chores to complete.

This is when it is possible to take a step back from your life and take a look at where you are and where you want to be in the upcoming future. Natural environments away from technology also bring the family together because no one can plug themselves into the virtual world.

No one wants to spend time in nature, in a beautiful cabin in the woods, made from unsustainable timber. Solid Build Inc. sustainably manufactures log cabin kits (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council(, realizing many people’s dreams of having a little corner in the natural world. All these cabins have been preassembled to make sure everything fits together easily. For inexpensively, you can own a beautiful log cabin in an amazing natural setting. Solid Build offers three different log cabin kits. All are made with white northern pine which is a strong slow growth tree.

The planet is covered with many gorgeous places where nature is at it’s prime. To most, building an entire house can be to expensive and therefore not possible. Solid Build provides a working alternative for those looking to build their own vacation home for a reasonable price. Everyone who works hard deserves a little peace of paradise.

SolidBuild and the Environment

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Today, any serious business is committed to the environment.  Solid Build knows, and believes that in order to be a successful business we must practice and inform our customers that our products, have it be garden sheds or log cabins are not harming the ecosystem.

Solid Build is not a business that wipes out natural resources for a profit.  We know this is not good business.  Being “green” is not only important to Solid Build but it is essential to the security of our business’ future.  We rely on natural wood to make our products therefore we replant more than what we use.

Solid Build uses slow growth pine for garden sheds, log cabin and gazebos kits. Because the quality of wood we have chosen takes a long time to mature our business is also limited.  The slow growth pine is the best material for our sheds and if this means less SolidBuild sheds, but higher quality product, this is what we do.  Your garden shed, log cabin, gazebo or pool house kit are of the best quality that will last you and your family many years.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Forest Report of 2011, Europe’s forest have steadily increased from 1990-2010.  This is in part of forests moving into what use to be agricultural land and also sustainable practices  enforced by European government.

Europe is the only continent where forest have increased during the last couple of decades.  We are committed to keeping this trend alive.  A part of being sustainable is practicing fair labor to our employees.  About 1.1 million people work producing forest goods in Europe.  SolidBuild does not maximize their profits while paying bare minimum to their employees.  As with sustaining their product, SolidBuild is committed to it’s workers and providing them good jobs.

We are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council(, a non-governmental, non-profit organization that works for responsible management of world forests following the highest social and environmental criteria.  FSC oversees the sustainable removal of wood material that “maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes while socially benefiting local people.”  Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding our practices and certificates.

Tips for Organizing your Shed

Friday, June 15th, 2012

You know when you finally organize your bedroom and it is perfect for…two days, maybe a week at most?  If you take some time to do it right, and find a place where every object belongs, you’ll find that you might get a little cluttered once in a while but your space will be overly neat.  The same goes for your outside storage space.

Just like any other functioning part of your house, your garden or storage shed must be organized.  Realistically you will not be using your garden sheds very often if you do not keep it organized.  Searching for tools will take all the fun out of gardening or doing work in your shed and eventually you will have a storage shed that works as a “throw everything in and don’t look back” closet.

To organize well you should take a little time and plan your space out well.  If you set up your shed to be organized from the beginning, it will save you a lot of stress and time in the future.

Take a half an hour and separate everything you will be putting in your shed and set it aside.  Decide on shelving units and hangers.  Set aside a place to hang your hose.

Look at what you have and how you can organize it so that it will take up the least amount of space.  Add a pin up board with a calendar so you can keep track of your projects.  Try to set up permanent areas for your things so that you get use to putting them in the same spot and in becomes natural.  Going along with the environmental movement, organizing and protecting your items will make them last longer and you will be able to find them every season.

Suggestions for what to consider when organizing your shed

Magnetic bars are a fast and easy way to store your tools.  They take up little space and literally leave your hand to their proper spot.  Magic!  Use a magnetic kitchen knife bar to keep your paintbrushes.

A couple of good ideas from our friend Martha Stewart, suggests tracing tools with washable marker so it is obvious what is missing and every object has a designated space.  Add some charcoal briquettes in a cloth bag and this will prevent your tools from rusting in a tool box.

A good way to organize the inside of a shed is by adding a bookshelf or cupboard.  Metal racks are popular for organizing sheds.  Check on craigslist, many people give away furniture as long as you get it out of their house. What ever you choose, make sure it fits your storage needs.  Removable shelves are great and can be changed up as your storage needs change.

Set aside a spot for a chair where you can sit back and relax for a little from working.

This can also be a good place to read and plan out your next steps.

Keep your seeds in closed jars that will keep them safe from ruining.  Keep gloves in an open container to have them dry.

SolidBuild has a a wide range of garden shed kits in both size and price.

The Wales, Bristol, and Brighton garden sheds have many windows and make for a very well lit work space and should be considered if you are planning to do inside gardening as well.

The “Aspen” and “Columbia” garden sheds are big and can be split into two sections.  The “Derby” garden shed is already split for you and is perfect for a two functional shed.  It can be a work shop and a garden shed both in one.  “Optima” wood sheds come in many sizes to fit any storage need.  The “Moderna” sheds are beautiful contemporary sheds that will decorate your yard as well as meet function. “Douglas” shed is great for easy storage of large equipment.”Bath” garden shed is perfect for those who are looking for a smaller shed.

Some resources are added below that have some great photos and more ideas.

Remember have fun when designing and organizing your perfect shed!

Resources and great links for more ideas

Martha Steward Living. 2012

Organize with Sandy

Outdoor Office

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

There are many reasons why an outdoor office is a good choice. As your family grows, so is the need for more space. The option of choosing an outdoor work space will free up other rooms in your home. Many people around the world are designing outdoor offices especially in Australia and the United Kingdom. With economic uncertainties many choose a more affordable alternative than building an addition, buying a bigger house or renting an office.

Another benefit to a garden office is that your work area is facing greenery which is a stark difference to a cubicle or a concrete jungle. People enjoy working in a natural environment away from the home. People who work in settings where they can see nature have lower stress levels than those who do not. Having an outdoor office puts you right in the middle of nature. Luckily with internet many people can work anywhere in the world and be successful business men and women. An office that is in a gorgeous setting is much more enjoyable to go to. Knowing that you can literally walk out your door and into your backyard office will save you the hustle of everyday prepping and stressing.

And for all of this, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars renting an office. Do not forget how much money, pollution and time is spent everyday by commuting.

If you work from home you will find that leaving, even if it is still on your property, gives your job more meaning. When your office is separated from your home you can track time much better. Many times when working from home one can entirely forget other tasks. When your office is separated from domestic life, you can also separate tasks that go along with each one. It is organization on a macro scale.

Working at home can often be very hard when your other family members are home. Having a quiet space to work will allow you to take phone calls without any distractions. It will make you more proactive and you will be able to finish many more tasks than working at home. Clients can visit for meetings in a more professional setting. While talking on the phone it will be quiet and without interruptions. You can get into a routine where certain hours are spent in your outdoor office and your loved ones know your schedule.

People enjoy working in a natural environment away from the home. It becomes a get away to a designated work space. The fresh air and beautiful surroundings will calm you and inspire you.

Outdoor offices are a good way to extend your home as your family get bigger and is one of the main reasons people choose to build an outdoor office. Many outdoor offices also become spaces where students can do their homework. Anyone who has children know well that it can sometimes be very hard to get your kids to concentrate and do their homework when the home is filled with so many distractions. Heck, adults have a hard time concentrating and of corse our children do to! By incorporating your after hours office into a homework space, you can spend time doing your own work while answering questions your child or children may have. Scheduled hours of work in a designated homework area where study materials are available will prevent many arguments and make your children better academics.

Quality of life can be measured by how you spend your time. Working in an outdoor office will take stress out of your life and will make you more successful. Make sure when designing your work space, choose high quality, strong lighting and cold wall tones so that your work space does not become daily napping time. Outdoor garden offices increase real estate values to homes and are attractive to potential buyers.

Once your in the office, you can concentrate and put in quality hours of work. This is especially a great option for start up companies that cannot quite afford retail space. Solid Build Inc. has many options for the ideal space. They offer structures that are split and can be used to store products. No need to pay for rent or extra taxes on your work space. Many researchers and writers prefer the isolation of an outdoor office to concentrate on their work. By designing a beautiful office in a beautiful setting you will want to go to work.

Many famous people had and have outdoor offices, one being Thomas Jefferson, who spent his time reading and writing in his outdoor office. Many of today’s leading writers prefer their isolated work space and find that this helps their productivity. Outdoor work areas become points of refugee from daily home and office living and have led many to success.

References/Other Great Links

Guide to Staining your SolidBuild Product

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Wood is an organic material that must be protected with stain.  Staining your garden, storage shed or log cabin will prevent water, UV and mildew damage.  Picking the right stain depends on what climate you reside in.  Most stains protect from water damage for about 5 years before they have to be re stained.

There are many great products available that can provide protection for your natural wood products.  I will go over some basics of staining.


Go over the surface with a sand paper to make sure to smooth bumps and get rid of splinters. Vacuum any residue before applying conditioner or stain.

Before you apply conditioner or stain to your wood, make sure to clean the surface with a damp cloth.  After cleaning the wood allow the surface to dry before applying conditioner or stain.


For white lumber, it is recommended that a conditioner is applied before staining. Conditioner controls the color or the stain, and makes the stain apply evenly.  Apply the conditioner with the direction of the grain.  Give twenty minutes for the conditioner to penetrate and remove any left over material.  After about two hours you must apply the stain.  Using a conditioner may make your stain appear lighter which means you will have to apply another coat.


Make sure you are applying the stain above 50ºF and below 95º.  Do not apply in direct sunlight.  Mix your stain well before application.

You can use a clean paint brush, cloth, roller, or sprayer(set at low pressure).  Work from the top down.  If you use a paint brush, paint at the same direction as the wood’s grain.  For a better finish apply even strokes without overlapping in any area.  When the stain dries you can apply another coat.   The more coats the darker the stain.  Depending on the stain you purchase directions may slightly vary.

Different Stains:

Semitransparent stains can be applied to wood that was not sealed.

Solid color stains can be applied on wood that is bare or was previously stained. Latex stains are good for outdoor staining.  They do not fade quickly.

Make sure to use a different stain for the inside and outside of your shed to protect yourself from toxic chemicals.

When purchasing a stain beware that “dye stains” are highly flammable. Water-repellent stains will protect your wood from heavy rains, mildew, fungicide and many other natural processes wood is vulnerable to. Make sure to also consider your location and the type of stain you need to purchase. There are stains that will protect against termites, humidity, heavy sunlight, etc.  Check back soon for more tips on staining your garden sheds!

The Many Uses Of Garden Sheds

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

SolidBuild Sheds are not just storage sheds but can become extensions of your home. They are used as work spaces, children’s play houses, storage facilities and pool houses. Read below on how SolidBuild Shed’s are being used by others.

Private Office Space

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work from home but being surrounded by other family members talking on the phone or watching TV. Silence is golden for someone who needs to concentrate and get work done quick. Answering phones for customers can be awful if you have a hard time hearing them. Instead of spending a fortune on building a sound proof extension or renting an office outside from your home, our products provide an alternative. Spend a few hours in your own private work space and complete as much work as you would trying to work around others all day. Our variety of products provide you with many options to have a comfortable work space outside. “Wales” is a product that provides great light and is just enough space for an outside office.

Art Studio

Our garden sheds have also become increasingly popular with artists who need more space, light and an area where they can work while having enough ventilation. It is really nice to have a designated area for your hobbies that do not invade on your home life. Hobbies require a nice environment and good lighting which you can find at SolidBuild.

Work Shop

A good way to make your home a place of relaxation is moving your work shop outside. Many of us have a problem of spending time with our family when we have that space in our house that lures us at any free moment where we repair broken things and work on our latest projects. Keep the home for enjoyment and the outside for work. SolidBuild has many sheds to choose from that can become the perfect workspace.

A shed like the “Brighton” has many windows for great light, wide double doors to allow larger furniture and equipment to be stored and a lock door to keep your valuables safe.


Our garden sheds are increasingly being used as children’s playhouses. There is nothing children love more than to play house and have their own personal space where they are in charge of all the interior designing. Instead of all the neighborhood kids running through your house, they can have even more fun outside in a space that can be designated just for them. When all the playing is done outside you won’t find yourself tripping and picking up toys as much. And once the kids are grown up and your shed is still standing you can transform the space into a gardening shed or work space.


If you are scared you might be on the next episode of “Hoarders” a good way to clean up is to purchase a storage shed and clear out your house and garage. Here you can slowly sell off things you no longer use. If you find your cars outside and all your yard equipment in the garage then it is also time for you to look into a storage shed. Keeping yard equipment in the yard and your cars in the garage will save you a fortune in the future. There are many things in our homes that are used only rarely or not used at all but are still too valuable to give away. Instead of building an addition to your home you can de clutter, organize and free up space without spending a fortune.

Pool House

If you installed a nice pool in your backyard and would like a pool house, we have many options. Our two room pool houses can be used as a changing stations where you can store towels and refreshments and the other half can be used as a storing facility for pool equipment. If you enjoy having pool parties but want to keep the fun outside, you can have the bar outside and even install a bathroom. We have many options that can fit your pool needs for a reasonable price.


Many of our customers have shared their experiences of assembling their SolidBuild storage or garden shed kits. This project is best described as a big, permanent lego project. It goes up fast and will last a long time. If there are young boys in your family make sure to incorporate them in the process which they will enjoy. Once your garden, storage shed or pool house is up, you will feel proud of having built it yourself.

For whatever the purpose you decide to use your garden, storage shed or pool house for, we guarantee that the process of building and using SolidBuild products will be positive. Take a look and see what works best for you.