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How Purchasing a Quality Wooden, Garden or Storage Shed Can Decorate Your Yard

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

If you love your garden and find yourself spending many hours outside making your garden perfect you should not settle for anything else but a good quality wooden shed. SolidBuild makes wooden garden and storage sheds that are designed to enhance your yard and resemble small cottages. They act as the center piece of your garden while meeting your organizational storage needs.

Remember that investing in the right outside building will increase your real estate value. A shed can also be used to block something out of view. The natural wood works well with the environment. The wood used is also resistant to damage of extreme cold and hot weather.

Our designers pay great attention to detail to provide our customers with not only high quality product, but also a beautiful addition to your garden. Why put a great deal of effort into making your garden look perfect just to ruin it with a plain or cheap shed? SolidBuild uses the best quality lumber to create a garden or storage shed that will last you many decades.

Dress up your sheds by adding flower boxes, shutters and a veranda for intimate sittings. Paint your garden or storage shed to match well with your house. You are more likely to spend time outside if you enjoy your work space. Garden sheds are often used for planning out your landscape therefore acting as a focal point in your garden.

There is no reason to be cooped up inside during warm days and summer nights. Put your garden shed in the most beautiful part of your yard and take guests out to enjoy your well kept scenery. Our garden sheds can easily fit furniture and the many windows make for a comfortable space.

Garden sheds are known as a point of refugee from the home since mid 15th century. The shed is described in English literature as a private space for a man to run away from domestic life. While this surely can be a reason for buying a shed today, both men and women equally use todays storage and garden sheds for various activities.

A small architectural cottage, away from the house where messy projects can be worked on without worry, provides the ideal workplace for many projects. During warm weather the outside garden is a preferred spot for entertaining guests. A well kept yard can say a lot about a person and SolidBuild realizes that their garden sheds must be ascetic as well as practical.

There is an increasing popularity of making garden sheds into outside offices in UK, Australia and the United States. Additions can be expensive and many people find that they prefer to have a work space that is in a natural setting, such as their garden, and makes them more productive. People take their sheds seriously and so does SolidBuild. We make sheds to impress but keep our prices reasonable.

The traditional designs like “Wales” and “Brighton” fit a more traditional home, while our “Moderna” sheds work well with more modern architecture. Part of having a nice yard is how well you are organized. Keeping all your gardening equipment neat and organized will get you outside more working on your curb appeal. Your yard is the first thing people see and it says a lot about who you are. To protect your lawn mower, metal tools, bikes, saws, pool equipment, wheel barrow and other equipment from weathering it all must be stored. SolidBuild wooden, garden and storage sheds all lock up to keep your equipment safe.

Here at SolidBuild we have many garden shed kits to fit any storage needs. The “Columbia” garden shed is 16′ by 13′, with double doors so you can store large equipment with ease. If you have small storage needs we suggest the “Bath” shed which is 7′ by 7′. Whatever your storage needs are you will find a size and design that is perfect for you and your home. Most of our wooden sheds have opening windows which make for a comfortable work space with enough light to make repairs, potting and other jobs.

While most people use garden sheds for yard work like starting seedlings, some people transform their garden sheds into a gym or even a place to brew beer. In any case our wooden garden and storage sheds will become a sanctuary that you will be proud of. SolidBuild will provide your garden and storage sheds needs and add character to your yard.

Garden Shed Kits: The Importance of the Right Material Being Used

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Even though it is something that you, as the consumer, have no control over, using the right material to make the garden shed in the first place is an important factor. What you have to realize is that in the current market, there is a large variety of garden sheds that are available for sale. Each shed is known to be unique. The majority of the designs for a certain percentage of the market are known to be quite similar so you may ask what differs from one shed to another. The biggest difference comes with the quality and finishing of a garden shed kits is that of the material used.

Even though the material used is not something that you would normally think about when going to buy a garden shed kit, it is seen as one of the most important factors that you should consider when making such a purchase. The material used in a garden shed plays an important role in more than one way. It has a major effect on the quality, finishing and the life span of the product.

What material would be ideal for a garden shed?

At the current moment in time, garden sheds are known to come in a variety of materials. The most common, being made out of plastic, metal and plywood. Even though these materials may seem as the best for garden sheds they have many disadvantages. We make our sheds using Northern Pine Wood. We are going to take a look at some of the properties that Northern Pine has to offer which makes it the ideal material for garden sheds.

Durability and Resistance

Once of the most important features for a garden shed is the durability. Garden sheds are known to be exposed to weather of all types. Being exposed to a constant change in weather can more than often damage the quality of a particular material. However, we recommend using Northern Pine. This is an all natural 100% green product so you need to stain it. Staining protects from sun, water and bugs. All wood needs to be restained every 5 -10 years. You might think that the other sheds from steal and plastic do not require maintenance, but this is not true. Steel sheds are easy dented and can rust. Plastic sheds are change color over time because of the sun. Plywood sheds needs to be stained or painted like a natural wood sheds.
The great thing about Northern Pine is that it is growing in northern regions, and every year has a winter periods. This means that the tree isn’t growing that fast, the slower the tree grows the more durable it is. The lumber from Northern Pine is very strong, durable and able to withstand all weather types which include snow, wind, rain and heat. Knowing that Northern Pine has these features encourages you to select this type when choosing a long lasting garden shed with the most beautiful wood textures.

Another good quality about Northern Pine wood is the fact that it is easily adaptable and designed. This particular wood can easily support paint and stain. Because these sheds have the features to be painted or stained, you automatically know that you are able to design a garden shed to your particular wants and needs. The nature of the wood ensures that any paint or varnish used lasts for a life time. That makes these sheds a worthwhile investment, which increases your property value.

Shed Kits For Gardening, Storage and Living

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


Since there is a large variety of garden sheds from which to choose from on the market, it is important to be able to distinguish between those sheds that are best for gardening and those for other purposes. There are a number of features that you need to consider.

Large variety from which to choose

Garden sheds have become quite a popular item in the consumer market now. There is quite a high demand for this product so there is no real surprise to see that there is a large variety being offered. The name -garden sheds, does not do justice. As many of you may already be aware, garden sheds have a multi-purpose use. They are commonly known to be used as an extra room of the house rather than a garden shed tool house. As a result, some of the garden sheds that are being offered today have been designed keeping in mind their primary purpose is to act as a room.

There are many of us that would like to have some extra space in the shed that we can use for gardening. For this reason, when you are deciding to buy a garden shed kit, there are a number of things that you need to consider which will ensure that your purpose will be met. A recent study showed that the consumer market is currently looking for sheds that can fulfill both purposes of acting as a room and also as a garden shed.

If you are hoping to have a choice of variety, a good place to look would be here at Wooden Shed Kits. Even though there are a large number of online stores currently dealing in garden sheds, very few of them are offering the two-in-one. All other stores are known to mostly offer standard garden sheds that act as a storage room. Even these rooms that are being offered are limited in design.  Due to the material used like steel, plastic, plywood they are not as practical as one would like to think.

What is a 2 in 1 feature?

So you may be asking yourself, “What is the two-in-one feature that is currently being offered by Wooden Shed Kits?” Basically offering garden sheds that have two separate compartments. One of the compartments acts as the extra room that most people use for general purpose and the other part is used for storage for gardening. These are the best sheds that you can buy for gardening. Buying a separate shed for each purpose cannot only end up costing you significantly more money, but will also consume a large amount of space in your back yard.

We are offering a large variety of garden sheds that fall under this category. What this means is that one will not be limited on choice to find something that will complement their house and garden surroundings. Another factor that gives us a competitive edge over other online web stores is in relation to the quality and price that we offer.

In terms of price, we can guarantee the lowest price. We are so confident about our price we offer, that we are willing to match the price of any store that is selling natural solid wood product at a lower price.  In addition we will also provide you with a 10% discount on top of it.

Yes one more factor that you will not be able to find easily at other online stores is excellent quality and unique product. Our garden sheds are made out of natural wood in comparison to the traditional metal and plastic. The wooden garden sheds have been proven to be much more cost effective.  They also last for a longer period of time. If you are planning to buy a garden shed kit, these factors contribute to your making the best selection.  You will be satisfied.

How Much to Spend for the Shed Kit?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

What you see is what you get

One of the best features about the garden sheds being sold by us is that our shed kits, have no hidden costs. Unlike many other online stores that sell their sheds at a cheap price, there are always hidden costs that you do not get to know about until you have actually purchases the product. By this time, it is too late and you realize that you are spending much more than you had anticipated. Some of the hidden costs that you expect to find with other companies include extra charges for delivery, tools and other accessories like windows, floors, doors, foundation elements.

Even though you may find hidden costs with other companies selling garden sheds, this is not the case with Wooden Shed Kits. The great thing about Wooden Shed Kits is that with us you simply get everything that you would need to successfully build a garden shed properly. There are no hidden costs as you simply get what you see. Unlike other companies that sell garden sheds, Wooden Shed Kits are known to include the following in their prices: windows, doors, hardware, floors. All of these mentioned are added into the one listed price of the garden shed.

How much you spend will vary depending on for what garden sheds you are looking

The amount that you can spend on a garden shed will solely be based on what type of Shed Kit for which you are looking. Wooden Shed Kits currently offer a wide variety of garden sheds. Some fall under the simple and standard category, where as others are known to be much more complex. To help decide how much you will end up spending on a garden shed, it is important to think about the main purpose for which it will be used. The prices for the sheds are known to vary quite significantly. These currently can range between $1,500 to $8,000.  As you can see, there is quite a large difference in price. What you finally decide to pay depends on the exact type of shed you choose.

Certain sheds have been designed for the purpose of a simple shed that looks nice. These sheds are still used for the same purpose of storing tools and other equipment that you may want to put away. Prices for such sheds are known to be quite low. However, if you decide to buy a shed that has been designed as a room for social fun and relaxation, you might end up paying much more.  You will be satisfied with the final amount you pay because you will have a shed that meets your needs.

Price Guarantee

The great thing about the prices is that our shed kits guaranteed for the lowest price in the market. You can easily expect to find a savings of about 30% on nearly all garden sheds in comparison to other online web stores. We are so confident that we offer the lowest price, that if you happen to come across an unlikely event where you find a garden shed of the same type being sold at a cheaper price other than their website, they will match their price and give you a 10% discount on top of it.

You may be able to find a few stores that seem to be offering a cheaper product than those at Wooden Shed Kits, when this is not the case. Most other online stores that sell garden sheds are known to keep the base cost of the shed quite low however end up being much more expensive with all the extra costs included.

Another great cost saver that you can experience with Wooden Shed Kits is in relation to delivery. At the current moment in time, Wooden Shed Kits are offering free delivery in 10 Midwest states. This will ensure that you save even more money when it comes to making your purchase.

Garden Shed, Playhouse, Storage Shed or All in One

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The Purpose of the shed

Unlike the traditional boring sheds that most companies sell, Wooden Shed Kits are offering a relatively new designed concept of garden shed. Our product range is known to be one of the most diverse that can be currently found in the market. All of the garden sheds that are being sold by Wooden Shed Kits are known to be of high quality. They give an elegant and sleek appearance which is very rare to find in garden sheds.

Since there is a large variety from which to choose, it can make it quite difficult when deciding which one to purchase. Many individuals are known to base their decision on two separate factors. One being price, which we will have a look at later, and the second being purpose. Deciding the basis of for what your garden shed will be used will make it much easier to decide which one to select. All of the designs that are being offer by our Shed Kits are available for a number of different purposes. The three main purposes for which sheds have been designed are garden sheds, play houses or a storage shed.

You can easily find a number of different Shed Kits from which to choose in these particular categories. Depending on the purpose for which the shed is intended, the design element may vary quite significantly. Because all the sheds are built from all natural  pine wood, it allows one to be able to add their very own custom touches as they desire. For example, one can choose the type of paint that they want to use, add veranda, additional windows, flower box, shutters.

If you are still having trouble in deciding which shed to purchase, you always have the option of going for the model that has it all. There are a few selected models that have been designed in such a way that can be used for all three purposes; garden shed playhouse and storage shed.


The design element of the Shed varies quite significantly depending on which model you select. Wooden Shed Kits have tried to make each shed unique to make sure that the public has available a wider design variety from which to choose.


One of the best things about the sheds being offered by Wooden Shed Kits is that they guarantee to offer the lowest prices available in the market today. Unlike other stores that tend to have hidden costs, this is not the case with sheds being sold by Wooden Shed Kits. The cost that has been stated on our website includes free delivery, hardware, doors, windows and anything else that is related to the shed itself, except roofing shingles, because people usually want to mach it with their house . All items included will be listed in the product description.  In the case where you are able to find a less expensive price for the same shed on the market,we are willing to match that price.  We will also offer a 10% discount on top of it which can be very enticing to many buyers.

Easy to Build

One of the most important cost-saving factors that Wooden Shed Kits has incorporated into their designs is that all their models can easily be built by any individual. It is not required to have any expert knowledge on building or hardware as everything is explained in a booklet.  This booklet is formatted with a step-by-step guide of complete assembly instructions. We have also uploaded tutorial videos to give users a better idea of how easy it is to put the shed together. By being able to put the shed together yourself, you may save at least a $1,000.  This cost-saving feature is attractive to many.

To have a look at some of the amazingly designed sheds currently for sale by Wooden Shed Kits, simply explore our website. There are a wide variety of designs from which to choose for any and all purposes.

Best Time to Buy a Garden Shed

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Why is it the best time to buy?

You may be asking yourself since summer is still a couple of months away, why would people be urging others to buy a wooden garden shed now? What you have to understand is that even though garden sheds are preferably used in the summer months, this does not mean that they cannot be used all year round. Even though the product is one that is mainly promoted in the summer months, purchasing it in a pre-season sale is known to work out to be much cheaper. If you decide to buy a garden shed at the current time in the market in comparison to the summer months, you can easily expect to see yourself making a savings of about 30%.

A new image of garden sheds for which to look

The standard garden sheds that many are known to have in their backyard are the ones where you do not even like going into to throw your storage items away. The regular sheds that many are use to seeing and buying are known to be old, plain and boring, to be quite frank. They are mainly seen as a temporary room in which you can simply store your “junk”. Due to this common picture embedded in people’s mind about garden sheds, many people are not as keen to buy it as they should be.

Wooden Shed Kits are a newly organized item that has completely revitalized and rejuvenated the image of garden sheds. Unlike the traditional boring and old look, the garden sheds being offered by Wooden Shed Kits are known to have something special about them. Their sheds have been based on the concept of making it into a room that can be used for leisure and social purposes. For this reason, there has been a lot of effort put into the design aspect of the product. These new designed garden sheds are known to have an elegant and stylish feel about them, another reason which makes them popular to buy.

A large variety from which to choose

Because the designs for these specific garden sheds currently offered by Wooden Shed kits are known to be relatively new, there is a large variety from which to choose. Unlike other garden sheds where you have a limited choice, this is not the case here. Wooden Shed Kits are available in a wide range of designs of garden sheds ensuring that you will be able to find one that you like. A great deal of thought has gone into the exterior appearance of these sheds. They have been designed in such a way that allows them to easily contrast or match your backyard surroundings.

Able to add your own touches

All of the garden sheds currently available through Wooden Shed Kits are known to be made using natural wood. The combinations of woods that are used include plywood and many other high quality natural pieces of wood. Because the entire structure is built from durable wood, one can easily add their own custom touches. Wooden Shed Kits have understood that every individual would like to make their garden shed feel like their own. Due to the material from which the shed is made, users are able to custom paint it to whatever color they desire. One of the best things about the wood used to create the garden sheds is that it can work with a number of different paint types. This ensures that you are not limited to just the standard set of colors when it comes to painting your shed.

A benefit of the high quality wood that is used to create the shed is that you are not required to do any work on it at all. It can be left in its original state. This will also give a natural feel to the garden.

Differences Between Metal, Plastic, and Wood Shed Kits

Monday, February 8th, 2010

The first step in building a shed is to figure out how the shed will be used and which item will be stored in it. Don’t impulsively buy a shed -any shed- just you can transfer stuff from the garage and dump it in the shed. Remember, a shed, should offer well-organized, accessible storage. You should be able, to walk in and retrieve an item quick and easy.

What is the right size?

For you 2 ft. by 4ft. might be enough or 16 ft. by 20 ft to small. The most popular are in the middle about 8 ft. by 10 ft. Before deciding which shed to build or which shed kit to build or buy, you need to think about these things.

How big is your yard?

Are there any restrictions imposed by the local building department, or association?

Do you need to store some specific items like very big or sensitive to humidity?

Do you plan to spend any time in it like make any DIY project or for your hobby?

Do you care how it looks?

How big is your budget?

Basically in today’s market you can choose from 3 types of sheds: wooden sheds, plastic sheds, and metal sheds. If you want a garden shed and appreciate cost rather than looks, then is advisable to purchase a plastic or metal shed. Wood sheds are appealing to the aye, easy customizable with your home or landscape but they can cost more.

The biggest disadvantages of metal and plastic shed is that they are light, and in windy places they can be easily destroyed. Also the metal sheds are noisy in the rain, they also can be easily dented. The main reason why you need a shed is to store and organize things, in metal and plastic sheds you can’t put shelves where ever you want, sometimes you can’t hang anything, you not gonna screw true metal or plastic. They aren’t customizable from outside eater, you cant cut a hole and install a window for day light or just simply a vent. Condensation is always a problem with metal sheds, so if you plan to store some humidity sensitive items or machinery don’t think about metal shed. If you have a nice house and nice landscaped backyard metal and plastic shed can simply ruin the view, it might look the same like bride with plastic flowers.

The advantages of plastic and steal shed kits are, that they are easily assembled, very little maintenance required, metal sheds are resistant to fire and they bot are resistant to bugs.

The main advantage of wooden shed is it’s look. You can make it blend with the surrounding. If you want your backyard to look nice and cozy, then you definitely need to think about wood shed. If the shed is build from pine or cedar they provide a pleasant smell, you can even enjoy spending time in it. They are very easy to customize, you can easily at a new shelve, hang some picture or craft, add more windows or skylight. Natural wood very good controls humidity, good warm heat insulator so it’s safe to store any items, or it’s safe for kids to play in it. Also the wood is a renewable recourse and easy to recycle.

The disadvantages of wood shed are, that they usually cost more, than plastic, or metal sheds, they requires more maintenance, in some arias are problems with bugs and fire.

The Variations and Uses of Log Sheds

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Log sheds are useful for many reasons and as such, a variety of log shed kits are available for consumers to choose from. These versatile assets can be used as:

An additional room – Does it seem like your home could use an extra room? Whether you want a guest room, place for your arts and crafts, an office, or a workshop for your mechanics, a log shed is a perfect fit.

A child’s play area – Little girls have dreams of enjoying their own playhouse, and little boys always enjoy a place to rough house. Log sheds are ideal separate play area that can be utilized in rain or shine.

A quiet retreat – Everybody needs a secluded getaway for some leisurely relaxation once in awhile; a log shed in your backyard is easily accessible and always affordable.

An extra storage area – Maybe you need more storage space or want a storage area that is light, airy, and attractive on the interior as well as the exterior. Unlike the attic, a log shed fulfills all of these requirements.

A place of work – Anyone who works from home can appreciate the concept of having a separate work space, especially if the home-based business deals with visiting clientele. Or perhaps the student of the family needs a special environment to study and complete schoolwork.

These are just a handful of the many ways to use a log shed. Additionally, what makes a log shed so versatile is that the purpose of the shed can change to fit your evolving needs. For example, a log shed that began as a play house for a little girl can be transformed into an art studio for an aspiring teenage artist. This kind of versatility can be maintained for years, provided the log shed is of high quality and maintained. So when you are ready to consider a supplier, search for a company that offers an impressive selection of affordable, high quality log shed kits to choose from.

Choosing a Log Cabin or Log Shed Supplier?

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Purchasing an outdoor wood kit such as a garden cabin, log shed, or log cabin, is an important decision. Undoubtedly you want to attain a quality kit that will prove to be a beautiful investment that you are satisfied with for years to come. Therefore, when choosing a supplier it is important to make a few considerations to ensure that your asset meets all of your expectations.

Consider the specialty.
Does the prospective supplier specialize in outdoor wood projects? In other words, does their product line consist of cabins, sheds, gazebos, and similar outdoor buildings? Companies that have a spread-out focus and dabble in many different products may not have the experience and knowledge to address any questions, issues, or concerns that may arise. Seek instead a company whose expertise is outdoor wood projects and specializing in providing the best products at low prices is their sole focus. As such, they can offer log cabin and log shed advice, information, and customization options that other companies can not.

Consider the quality and price. Many companies boast low prices but skimp on the quality of the material. By using plastic or toxic plywood in their products, they are able to offer attractive discounts. Investigate the prospective supplier to ensure that they are committed to supplying top-notch goods; all of their products consist of quality, natural, hand selected wood and their low prices stem from the use of innovative technology, not cheap material.

Consider the craftsmanship. Quality outdoor wood kits are not only constructed to be durable and easily assembled, but to look great on the exterior and interior. This is achieved through a commitment to high production standards. Instead of mass production companies, search for a smaller company that monitors production through every step.  From examining each piece of wood, to manually testing each door and window, to checking the packaging before shipment, every kit should proceed through a rigorous inspection so that you receive quality material which smoothly interconnects.

Regardless of the provider you choose, these considerations will prove helpful during the process. By referencing the considerations highlighted above, you can find an impressive provider that offers quality, price, and craftsmanship.

The Types Of Log Cabins And Their Uses

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Log cabins are great for storage purposes, weekend retreats, romantic getaways, and so much more. And log cabin kits are a great, affordable alternative to the pricey custom built homes. Depending on your specific needs and intended uses, one type of log cabin kit may prove more efficient than others. A few of the most popular log cabin kits and their uses are briefly described below.

Log Shed Kit

A log shed can be considered as an additional room or an extension of your home. About the size of a standard bedroom, shed kits are very versatile since they can be placed just about anywhere and used for just about anything.

Log Cabin Kit

Somewhat larger than a standard bedroom, log cabins are excellent choices for setting up a private retreat on your undeveloped property (sure beats a tent!), or creating a comfortable hideaway in your backyard.

Garden Cabin Kit

As the name implies, garden cabins are the perfect solution for storing gardening tools and supplies, as well as partaking in the hobby.  Garden cabin kits are typically between 7’ and 10’ – just enough space have immediate access to all of your gardening goodies while planting seedlings or arranging flowers in the comfort of your own garden getaway.

Summer House Kit

The summer house is the crème de la crème of log cabin kits. These homes are tailored to the consumer who desires spacious living quarters. Whether the purpose is an actual summer cabin or a transition home on your dream lot, these cabin kits present the space and designs to provide ultimate livability at unbeatable prices.

Regardless of your log cabin selection, it should be constructed of 100% natural wood and include doors and windows. Your supplier of choice can describe in detail all the specifications of your outdoor wood kit.