Garden Shed, Playhouse, Storage Shed or All in One

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The Purpose of the shed

Unlike the traditional boring sheds that most companies sell, Wooden Shed Kits are offering a relatively new designed concept of garden shed. Our product range is known to be one of the most diverse that can be currently found in the market. All of the garden sheds that are being sold by Wooden Shed Kits are known to be of high quality. They give an elegant and sleek appearance which is very rare to find in garden sheds.

Since there is a large variety from which to choose, it can make it quite difficult when deciding which one to purchase. Many individuals are known to base their decision on two separate factors. One being price, which we will have a look at later, and the second being purpose. Deciding the basis of for what your garden shed will be used will make it much easier to decide which one to select. All of the designs that are being offer by our Shed Kits are available for a number of different purposes. The three main purposes for which sheds have been designed are garden sheds, play houses or a storage shed.

You can easily find a number of different Shed Kits from which to choose in these particular categories. Depending on the purpose for which the shed is intended, the design element may vary quite significantly. Because all the sheds are built from all natural  pine wood, it allows one to be able to add their very own custom touches as they desire. For example, one can choose the type of paint that they want to use, add veranda, additional windows, flower box, shutters.

If you are still having trouble in deciding which shed to purchase, you always have the option of going for the model that has it all. There are a few selected models that have been designed in such a way that can be used for all three purposes; garden shed playhouse and storage shed.


The design element of the Shed varies quite significantly depending on which model you select. Wooden Shed Kits have tried to make each shed unique to make sure that the public has available a wider design variety from which to choose.


One of the best things about the sheds being offered by Wooden Shed Kits is that they guarantee to offer the lowest prices available in the market today. Unlike other stores that tend to have hidden costs, this is not the case with sheds being sold by Wooden Shed Kits. The cost that has been stated on our website includes free delivery, hardware, doors, windows and anything else that is related to the shed itself, except roofing shingles, because people usually want to mach it with their house . All items included will be listed in the product description.  In the case where you are able to find a less expensive price for the same shed on the market,we are willing to match that price.  We will also offer a 10% discount on top of it which can be very enticing to many buyers.

Easy to Build

One of the most important cost-saving factors that Wooden Shed Kits has incorporated into their designs is that all their models can easily be built by any individual. It is not required to have any expert knowledge on building or hardware as everything is explained in a booklet.  This booklet is formatted with a step-by-step guide of complete assembly instructions. We have also uploaded tutorial videos to give users a better idea of how easy it is to put the shed together. By being able to put the shed together yourself, you may save at least a $1,000.  This cost-saving feature is attractive to many.

To have a look at some of the amazingly designed sheds currently for sale by Wooden Shed Kits, simply explore our website. There are a wide variety of designs from which to choose for any and all purposes.

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