How Purchasing a Quality Wooden, Garden or Storage Shed Can Decorate Your Yard

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If you love your garden and find yourself spending many hours outside making your garden perfect you should not settle for anything else but a good quality wooden shed. SolidBuild makes wooden garden and storage sheds that are designed to enhance your yard and resemble small cottages. They act as the center piece of your garden while meeting your organizational storage needs.

Remember that investing in the right outside building will increase your real estate value. A shed can also be used to block something out of view. The natural wood works well with the environment. The wood used is also resistant to damage of extreme cold and hot weather.

Our designers pay great attention to detail to provide our customers with not only high quality product, but also a beautiful addition to your garden. Why put a great deal of effort into making your garden look perfect just to ruin it with a plain or cheap shed? SolidBuild uses the best quality lumber to create a garden or storage shed that will last you many decades.

Dress up your sheds by adding flower boxes, shutters and a veranda for intimate sittings. Paint your garden or storage shed to match well with your house. You are more likely to spend time outside if you enjoy your work space. Garden sheds are often used for planning out your landscape therefore acting as a focal point in your garden.

There is no reason to be cooped up inside during warm days and summer nights. Put your garden shed in the most beautiful part of your yard and take guests out to enjoy your well kept scenery. Our garden sheds can easily fit furniture and the many windows make for a comfortable space.

Garden sheds are known as a point of refugee from the home since mid 15th century. The shed is described in English literature as a private space for a man to run away from domestic life. While this surely can be a reason for buying a shed today, both men and women equally use todays storage and garden sheds for various activities.

A small architectural cottage, away from the house where messy projects can be worked on without worry, provides the ideal workplace for many projects. During warm weather the outside garden is a preferred spot for entertaining guests. A well kept yard can say a lot about a person and SolidBuild realizes that their garden sheds must be ascetic as well as practical.

There is an increasing popularity of making garden sheds into outside offices in UK, Australia and the United States. Additions can be expensive and many people find that they prefer to have a work space that is in a natural setting, such as their garden, and makes them more productive. People take their sheds seriously and so does SolidBuild. We make sheds to impress but keep our prices reasonable.

The traditional designs like “Wales” and “Brighton” fit a more traditional home, while our “Moderna” sheds work well with more modern architecture. Part of having a nice yard is how well you are organized. Keeping all your gardening equipment neat and organized will get you outside more working on your curb appeal. Your yard is the first thing people see and it says a lot about who you are. To protect your lawn mower, metal tools, bikes, saws, pool equipment, wheel barrow and other equipment from weathering it all must be stored. SolidBuild wooden, garden and storage sheds all lock up to keep your equipment safe.

Here at SolidBuild we have many garden shed kits to fit any storage needs. The “Columbia” garden shed is 16′ by 13′, with double doors so you can store large equipment with ease. If you have small storage needs we suggest the “Bath” shed which is 7′ by 7′. Whatever your storage needs are you will find a size and design that is perfect for you and your home. Most of our wooden sheds have opening windows which make for a comfortable work space with enough light to make repairs, potting and other jobs.

While most people use garden sheds for yard work like starting seedlings, some people transform their garden sheds into a gym or even a place to brew beer. In any case our wooden garden and storage sheds will become a sanctuary that you will be proud of. SolidBuild will provide your garden and storage sheds needs and add character to your yard.

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