The Types Of Log Cabins And Their Uses

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Log cabins are great for storage purposes, weekend retreats, romantic getaways, and so much more. And log cabin kits are a great, affordable alternative to the pricey custom built homes. Depending on your specific needs and intended uses, one type of log cabin kit may prove more efficient than others. A few of the most popular log cabin kits and their uses are briefly described below.

Log Shed Kit

A log shed can be considered as an additional room or an extension of your home. About the size of a standard bedroom, shed kits are very versatile since they can be placed just about anywhere and used for just about anything.

Log Cabin Kit

Somewhat larger than a standard bedroom, log cabins are excellent choices for setting up a private retreat on your undeveloped property (sure beats a tent!), or creating a comfortable hideaway in your backyard.

Garden Cabin Kit

As the name implies, garden cabins are the perfect solution for storing gardening tools and supplies, as well as partaking in the hobby.  Garden cabin kits are typically between 7’ and 10’ – just enough space have immediate access to all of your gardening goodies while planting seedlings or arranging flowers in the comfort of your own garden getaway.

Summer House Kit

The summer house is the crème de la crème of log cabin kits. These homes are tailored to the consumer who desires spacious living quarters. Whether the purpose is an actual summer cabin or a transition home on your dream lot, these cabin kits present the space and designs to provide ultimate livability at unbeatable prices.

Regardless of your log cabin selection, it should be constructed of 100% natural wood and include doors and windows. Your supplier of choice can describe in detail all the specifications of your outdoor wood kit.

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