The Legacy of the Log Cabin

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Log cabins connect us to our roots and are the foundations of more permanent, sedentary lifestyles. They mark the beginning of land ownership.

There are few things more American than the log cabin. It stands as a symbol of the pioneer struggle. Pulling yourself by your boot straps and surviving the American wilderness. While amenities have made life much more comfortable than that of an early pioneer, there is a lingering fascination with the log cabin. Probably because it represent our past and what those before us had to endure for a better life. The simple, basic lifestyle has an almost spiritual quality and is a strong contrast of all the superficial and material in our lives.

Log cabins have been used to fuel political campaigns in the past by selling the American dream. The Homestead Act signed into law May 20, 1862 by Abraham Lincoln gave ownership of 160 acres of land to brave souls, on condition a 12′ by 14′ home was built and crops were grown. After five years an application for title could be sought. Ten percent of all US land fell into the hands of homesteaders this way, equally 270 million acres.

When our climate is more and more affected by our luxurious lifestyles, the log cabin and everything log cabin life defines is a plausible solution to many of todays environmental issues.

There are solar powered stoves and many alternative technologies that can transform our lifestyle in a positive way without giving up running water, heat and other daily necessities that we use to make our world run. There is though, something undeniably fulfilling and enhancing about fetching your own water from a well, spending all day outside in the fields. Being able to sustain your own lifestyle without relying on anyone else.

Being outside in the fresh air, being isolated from societies concerns allows the body to rest and the mind to revaluate the life we choose to live.

While not many of us can live this type of lifestyle, a place to rest throughout the year surely advances quality of life.

The log cabin has roots of a tough pioneer’s struggle to make a new life and really it is the symbol of our empire’s humble beginnings. The dark, tough, wind burnt faces that looked bravely into the horizon.

Today, log cabins are growing more and more popular. Many people have the desire to have a place in a complete natural environment where they can feel life all around them.

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