Differences Between Metal, Plastic, and Wood Shed Kits

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The first step in building a shed is to figure out how the shed will be used and which item will be stored in it. Don’t impulsively buy a shed -any shed- just you can transfer stuff from the garage and dump it in the shed. Remember, a shed, should offer well-organized, accessible storage. You should be able, to walk in and retrieve an item quick and easy.

What is the right size?

For you 2 ft. by 4ft. might be enough or 16 ft. by 20 ft to small. The most popular are in the middle about 8 ft. by 10 ft. Before deciding which shed to build or which shed kit to build or buy, you need to think about these things.

How big is your yard?

Are there any restrictions imposed by the local building department, or association?

Do you need to store some specific items like very big or sensitive to humidity?

Do you plan to spend any time in it like make any DIY project or for your hobby?

Do you care how it looks?

How big is your budget?

Basically in today’s market you can choose from 3 types of sheds: wooden sheds, plastic sheds, and metal sheds. If you want a garden shed and appreciate cost rather than looks, then is advisable to purchase a plastic or metal shed. Wood sheds are appealing to the aye, easy customizable with your home or landscape but they can cost more.

The biggest disadvantages of metal and plastic shed is that they are light, and in windy places they can be easily destroyed. Also the metal sheds are noisy in the rain, they also can be easily dented. The main reason why you need a shed is to store and organize things, in metal and plastic sheds you can’t put shelves where ever you want, sometimes you can’t hang anything, you not gonna screw true metal or plastic. They aren’t customizable from outside eater, you cant cut a hole and install a window for day light or just simply a vent. Condensation is always a problem with metal sheds, so if you plan to store some humidity sensitive items or machinery don’t think about metal shed. If you have a nice house and nice landscaped backyard metal and plastic shed can simply ruin the view, it might look the same like bride with plastic flowers.

The advantages of plastic and steal shed kits are, that they are easily assembled, very little maintenance required, metal sheds are resistant to fire and they bot are resistant to bugs.

The main advantage of wooden shed is it’s look. You can make it blend with the surrounding. If you want your backyard to look nice and cozy, then you definitely need to think about wood shed. If the shed is build from pine or cedar they provide a pleasant smell, you can even enjoy spending time in it. They are very easy to customize, you can easily at a new shelve, hang some picture or craft, add more windows or skylight. Natural wood very good controls humidity, good warm heat insulator so it’s safe to store any items, or it’s safe for kids to play in it. Also the wood is a renewable recourse and easy to recycle.

The disadvantages of wood shed are, that they usually cost more, than plastic, or metal sheds, they requires more maintenance, in some arias are problems with bugs and fire.

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