Fine Vines to Decorate Your Shed Kit

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Vines are a great way to incorporate your shed into your garden. There are many different varieties, some which produce delicious fruit! They grow quickly and need little care. Make sure to keep your neighbors in mind when planting vines because they spread. They also increase pollination and make your garden more successful. Below are a few vines I find impressive and will make your shed bloom.

Vines are great for attracting humming birds and the Trumpet Vine accomplishes this well. Flourishes in US zones 5-9. Can climb up to 30 feet and can be hard to remove because of deep, stubborn roots. Also known as Campsis radican, it is a native American plant that can be grown all over the country. Produces beautiful red, yellow and orange flowers that will attract beautiful birds to your shed.

The Clematis is a fast climbing vine that has many varieties that bloom at different times. You can have three different varieties so that you have flowers blooming in the spring, summer, and fall. This vine is most successful in US zones 3-9. They attract butterflies and people’s noses.

The Wisteria is a beautiful vine but is also known to cause a little bit of hysteria because in the right environment it can take over your shed. This vine will definitely add a secret garden feel especially when you enter what looks to be a big flowery bush. If you are into more of a Narnia outdoor experience then I recommend giving this vine a try. This garden thug can climb up to 30 feet. The flowers are absolutely beautiful but if you keep a strict garden prevent yourself the hassle and aim for a softer vine.

The name says it all, Morning Glory. Every day you wake up you will be pleasantly greeted by blooming flowers and at night after your long day at work you will see the flowers close. These vines spread really quickly and will transform a bare wall. This annual plant likes direct sunlight and will climb up to 15 feet. Lean some ladders on your shed and watch this plant flourish. They come in many colors and will make you happy all summer.

For the chocolate lover there is the Akebia vine so when you are not eating chocolate you can be smelling it. Or you can eat chocolate while smelling your chocolate smelling Akebia. The flowers are purple and white. This is a more fragile plant that does well in US zones 4-9 and can climb up to 30 feet!

The Kiwi Vine(Actinide kolomikta) is a nice vine. Grows up to 15 feet. Does best in US zone 5-9. The female plant grown with the male plant will produce the cutest, edible, sweet baby kiwis. The small kiwi vine enjoys partial sun. The leaves have pink and white accents.

For a plant that will quickly climb, the French, Sweet Lace Grape Vine(Vitis Vinifera), will do the trick. It will take several years before it produces grapes. It can grow 20-40 feet a year so make sure to keep an eye on it if you do not want a take over of your entire yard. This plant grows well in US zones 6-9.

The Sweet Pea Vine has flowers that look like little orchids. This plant likes the sun and can climb up to eight feet. Most of the flower varieties are fragrant and come in many colors. There are many different varieties. This annual plant grows well in US zones 6-9. Blooming depends on the amount of heat in your region. They begin to bloom in late spring and in colder climates can bloom into the fall.

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