Garden Shed Kits: The Importance of the Right Material Being Used

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Even though it is something that you, as the consumer, have no control over, using the right material to make the garden shed in the first place is an important factor. What you have to realize is that in the current market, there is a large variety of garden sheds that are available for sale. Each shed is known to be unique. The majority of the designs for a certain percentage of the market are known to be quite similar so you may ask what differs from one shed to another. The biggest difference comes with the quality and finishing of a garden shed kits is that of the material used.

Even though the material used is not something that you would normally think about when going to buy a garden shed kit, it is seen as one of the most important factors that you should consider when making such a purchase. The material used in a garden shed plays an important role in more than one way. It has a major effect on the quality, finishing and the life span of the product.

What material would be ideal for a garden shed?

At the current moment in time, garden sheds are known to come in a variety of materials. The most common, being made out of plastic, metal and plywood. Even though these materials may seem as the best for garden sheds they have many disadvantages. We make our sheds using Northern Pine Wood. We are going to take a look at some of the properties that Northern Pine has to offer which makes it the ideal material for garden sheds.

Durability and Resistance

Once of the most important features for a garden shed is the durability. Garden sheds are known to be exposed to weather of all types. Being exposed to a constant change in weather can more than often damage the quality of a particular material. However, we recommend using Northern Pine. This is an all natural 100% green product so you need to stain it. Staining protects from sun, water and bugs. All wood needs to be restained every 5 -10 years. You might think that the other sheds from steal and plastic do not require maintenance, but this is not true. Steel sheds are easy dented and can rust. Plastic sheds are change color over time because of the sun. Plywood sheds needs to be stained or painted like a natural wood sheds.
The great thing about Northern Pine is that it is growing in northern regions, and every year has a winter periods. This means that the tree isn’t growing that fast, the slower the tree grows the more durable it is. The lumber from Northern Pine is very strong, durable and able to withstand all weather types which include snow, wind, rain and heat. Knowing that Northern Pine has these features encourages you to select this type when choosing a long lasting garden shed with the most beautiful wood textures.

Another good quality about Northern Pine wood is the fact that it is easily adaptable and designed. This particular wood can easily support paint and stain. Because these sheds have the features to be painted or stained, you automatically know that you are able to design a garden shed to your particular wants and needs. The nature of the wood ensures that any paint or varnish used lasts for a life time. That makes these sheds a worthwhile investment, which increases your property value.

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