Guide to Staining your SolidBuild Product

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Wood is an organic material that must be protected with stain.  Staining your garden, storage shed or log cabin will prevent water, UV and mildew damage.  Picking the right stain depends on what climate you reside in.  Most stains protect from water damage for about 5 years before they have to be re stained.

There are many great products available that can provide protection for your natural wood products.  I will go over some basics of staining.


Go over the surface with a sand paper to make sure to smooth bumps and get rid of splinters. Vacuum any residue before applying conditioner or stain.

Before you apply conditioner or stain to your wood, make sure to clean the surface with a damp cloth.  After cleaning the wood allow the surface to dry before applying conditioner or stain.


For white lumber, it is recommended that a conditioner is applied before staining. Conditioner controls the color or the stain, and makes the stain apply evenly.  Apply the conditioner with the direction of the grain.  Give twenty minutes for the conditioner to penetrate and remove any left over material.  After about two hours you must apply the stain.  Using a conditioner may make your stain appear lighter which means you will have to apply another coat.


Make sure you are applying the stain above 50ºF and below 95º.  Do not apply in direct sunlight.  Mix your stain well before application.

You can use a clean paint brush, cloth, roller, or sprayer(set at low pressure).  Work from the top down.  If you use a paint brush, paint at the same direction as the wood’s grain.  For a better finish apply even strokes without overlapping in any area.  When the stain dries you can apply another coat.   The more coats the darker the stain.  Depending on the stain you purchase directions may slightly vary.

Different Stains:

Semitransparent stains can be applied to wood that was not sealed.

Solid color stains can be applied on wood that is bare or was previously stained. Latex stains are good for outdoor staining.  They do not fade quickly.

Make sure to use a different stain for the inside and outside of your shed to protect yourself from toxic chemicals.

When purchasing a stain beware that “dye stains” are highly flammable. Water-repellent stains will protect your wood from heavy rains, mildew, fungicide and many other natural processes wood is vulnerable to. Make sure to also consider your location and the type of stain you need to purchase. There are stains that will protect against termites, humidity, heavy sunlight, etc.  Check back soon for more tips on staining your garden sheds!

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