How Much to Spend for the Shed Kit?

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What you see is what you get

One of the best features about the garden sheds being sold by us is that our shed kits, have no hidden costs. Unlike many other online stores that sell their sheds at a cheap price, there are always hidden costs that you do not get to know about until you have actually purchases the product. By this time, it is too late and you realize that you are spending much more than you had anticipated. Some of the hidden costs that you expect to find with other companies include extra charges for delivery, tools and other accessories like windows, floors, doors, foundation elements.

Even though you may find hidden costs with other companies selling garden sheds, this is not the case with Wooden Shed Kits. The great thing about Wooden Shed Kits is that with us you simply get everything that you would need to successfully build a garden shed properly. There are no hidden costs as you simply get what you see. Unlike other companies that sell garden sheds, Wooden Shed Kits are known to include the following in their prices: windows, doors, hardware, floors. All of these mentioned are added into the one listed price of the garden shed.

How much you spend will vary depending on for what garden sheds you are looking

The amount that you can spend on a garden shed will solely be based on what type of Shed Kit for which you are looking. Wooden Shed Kits currently offer a wide variety of garden sheds. Some fall under the simple and standard category, where as others are known to be much more complex. To help decide how much you will end up spending on a garden shed, it is important to think about the main purpose for which it will be used. The prices for the sheds are known to vary quite significantly. These currently can range between $1,500 to $8,000.  As you can see, there is quite a large difference in price. What you finally decide to pay depends on the exact type of shed you choose.

Certain sheds have been designed for the purpose of a simple shed that looks nice. These sheds are still used for the same purpose of storing tools and other equipment that you may want to put away. Prices for such sheds are known to be quite low. However, if you decide to buy a shed that has been designed as a room for social fun and relaxation, you might end up paying much more.  You will be satisfied with the final amount you pay because you will have a shed that meets your needs.

Price Guarantee

The great thing about the prices is that our shed kits guaranteed for the lowest price in the market. You can easily expect to find a savings of about 30% on nearly all garden sheds in comparison to other online web stores. We are so confident that we offer the lowest price, that if you happen to come across an unlikely event where you find a garden shed of the same type being sold at a cheaper price other than their website, they will match their price and give you a 10% discount on top of it.

You may be able to find a few stores that seem to be offering a cheaper product than those at Wooden Shed Kits, when this is not the case. Most other online stores that sell garden sheds are known to keep the base cost of the shed quite low however end up being much more expensive with all the extra costs included.

Another great cost saver that you can experience with Wooden Shed Kits is in relation to delivery. At the current moment in time, Wooden Shed Kits are offering free delivery in 10 Midwest states. This will ensure that you save even more money when it comes to making your purchase.

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