How SolidBuild Can Make Your Summer Retreat Dream Come True

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We spend most of our lives working, many times in urban areas. The hustle of everyday life has us longing for a vacation many times during the year. The two most frequent excuses for not going on vacation are that we are unable to find the time and the money to go. Planning well ahead will make vacationing possible to schedule and financially safe.

While vacations are necessary no matter how expensive they are, they are not as common as they should be. People in the United States spend most of their time working. With weekends left to do chores at home or even running to go to another job, many of us feel burnt out many times during the year.

Now imagine, having a little space in a beautiful place where you can run to for retreat whenever you need a break from modern life. This in return will make you a better worker and keep you going.

Having a log cabin a couple hours from your home in a natural setting, can become the perfect safe haven when you need to take a break. This is more affordable than you think, and something you can pass down for future generations to enjoy. Currently it is a great time to invest in plot of land. One day we will be looking back and asking ourselves, “why didn’t I buy land when it was so affordable?”

The best form of relaxation is in the natural environment. Where you can once again connect with your roots and regain your health and energy. Where your head is not stuck to a screen have it be your phone, the television or the computer. Where you have no deadlines to meet, no trains to catch, no chores to complete.

This is when it is possible to take a step back from your life and take a look at where you are and where you want to be in the upcoming future. Natural environments away from technology also bring the family together because no one can plug themselves into the virtual world.

No one wants to spend time in nature, in a beautiful cabin in the woods, made from unsustainable timber. Solid Build Inc. sustainably manufactures log cabin kits (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council(, realizing many people’s dreams of having a little corner in the natural world. All these cabins have been preassembled to make sure everything fits together easily. For inexpensively, you can own a beautiful log cabin in an amazing natural setting. Solid Build offers three different log cabin kits. All are made with white northern pine which is a strong slow growth tree.

The planet is covered with many gorgeous places where nature is at it’s prime. To most, building an entire house can be to expensive and therefore not possible. Solid Build provides a working alternative for those looking to build their own vacation home for a reasonable price. Everyone who works hard deserves a little peace of paradise.

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