Kids Moving Back In? Why Not House Them in the Shed?

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Times are hard and a lot of college graduates are moving back home. If you are stuck with the dilemma of what to do with your kids who are coming back from college you might consider making them their own personal space.

It might be a little scary thinking that your college graduate, or drop out will be living in your backyard, rest assured, it will be far better than how they were living in college.

They will also enjoy the private space and so will you. The word shed does not sound luxurious but with a little work a wooden kit can become the perfect little house. Even the Kardashian’s will be jealous.

Young people have different schedules, and often times music taste. Sometimes their rooms have been transformed for other uses while they were away. If you are lucky to have a more motivated child, they will appreciate the privacy for getting work done. Many famous writers have worked from an outdoor shed. Today it is a popular choice for inspiration for today’s leading writers. If finding work takes longer than expected, they can write a novel from a shed like Mark Twain or become a famous political drafter like Thomas Jefferson.

Once they move on, you can use it for an outdoor studio or garden shed.

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