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The Ideal Art Studio from a Shed Kit

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

In a world where fewer and fewer of what we use is made by our hands, art making keeps that creative and functional relationship, between product and us alive. For many artist, especially those just beginning, finding a space to work can be hard and sometimes impossible. Alternative structures are becoming the solution for many people.

As most artist can agree, art making can often be a toxic, messy process. Ventilation is very important for you and your loved ones’ health. Being able to work in a space that does not require immediate clean up and can be permanently used for art is very appealing to artists. Art making requires complete dedication and many artist have found that art can take over their entire homes and lives. To prevent this from happening and living a healthy domestic life, outdoor studio’s are a great solution and will free up space inside the home.

Art studio’s can be very expensive to rent and also inconvenient. Why give a chunk of your hard earned money for a temporary solution? If you have a lot where you can build your own studio, you will find yourself saving a lot of money and hassle. For a couple months of studio rent you can have yourself a permanent, independent studio.

Making art takes a lot of concentration and a quiet place to work is essential for successful art making. Work from home can be hard because there are so many distractions prying you away from what you are suppose to be doing. As you make art at home, while cooking dinner, while checking your email, while picking up the phone! You find yourself making unfinished art, and missing important tasks, like paying bills on time. Separating the two world’s is a good way to find success and balance.

Having an area designated purely for creating art is essential for productivity and quality. Once you are in your studio, there is nothing that can distract you. Everyone knows that there is a certain amount of time you will be in your studio and that you have to be left alone from distractions. You leave your phone, your computer and your television at home. All these devices have no power over what you produce. Can you imagine Di Vinci never becomes famous because he spends all his time texting his bff while he is suppose to finish his next sketch? Or Picasso reading up on “Worst Dressed at the Oscars”right before he enters a new color phase? Good art making is not a byproduct of our daily life, it is a message that the artist wants to share with the world. Setting aside a special place where you can focus on your craft is the only way to be a leading artist.

In the outdoors, you are in a space where everything concerns and enhances your art process. You know that how you leave everything, that is how you will find it. Solid Build’s sheds lock to keep all your things and pieces safe.

Having a studio away from your home will also clean up your house from art mess and help keep you organized.

Most artist are inspired by nature in one way or another. There are often blocks of creativity that artists feel when they are dissatisfied with their products for a period of time. Much of this creative block can be resolved by placing your studio in a beautiful location where nature’s beauty drips from your finger tips.

You have many options for designing your ideal work space. Many different studio structures are available. Varying in size and design to fit any artist’s needs. You can choose the amount of light and even the sun angle, by where you place your building.

Art can be stored in the studio freeing up space inside. Solid Build offers many varieties of garden shed kits. Two rooms structures are often used as a workshop and for storage. Another benefit of having a garden shed studio is that there will be no need to move things around when visitors come. Customers interested in your art can come to the studio and check it out without having to enter your house. This is a huge benefit to the majority of artists who always struggle with organization both at home and in the studio.

Most importantly, outdoor studio will enhance your daily life, your bank account and make you better artists, all while listening to the birds chirp.

The Many Uses Of Garden Sheds

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

SolidBuild Sheds are not just storage sheds but can become extensions of your home. They are used as work spaces, children’s play houses, storage facilities and pool houses. Read below on how SolidBuild Shed’s are being used by others.

Private Office Space

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work from home but being surrounded by other family members talking on the phone or watching TV. Silence is golden for someone who needs to concentrate and get work done quick. Answering phones for customers can be awful if you have a hard time hearing them. Instead of spending a fortune on building a sound proof extension or renting an office outside from your home, our products provide an alternative. Spend a few hours in your own private work space and complete as much work as you would trying to work around others all day. Our variety of products provide you with many options to have a comfortable work space outside. “Wales” is a product that provides great light and is just enough space for an outside office.

Art Studio

Our garden sheds have also become increasingly popular with artists who need more space, light and an area where they can work while having enough ventilation. It is really nice to have a designated area for your hobbies that do not invade on your home life. Hobbies require a nice environment and good lighting which you can find at SolidBuild.

Work Shop

A good way to make your home a place of relaxation is moving your work shop outside. Many of us have a problem of spending time with our family when we have that space in our house that lures us at any free moment where we repair broken things and work on our latest projects. Keep the home for enjoyment and the outside for work. SolidBuild has many sheds to choose from that can become the perfect workspace.

A shed like the “Brighton” has many windows for great light, wide double doors to allow larger furniture and equipment to be stored and a lock door to keep your valuables safe.


Our garden sheds are increasingly being used as children’s playhouses. There is nothing children love more than to play house and have their own personal space where they are in charge of all the interior designing. Instead of all the neighborhood kids running through your house, they can have even more fun outside in a space that can be designated just for them. When all the playing is done outside you won’t find yourself tripping and picking up toys as much. And once the kids are grown up and your shed is still standing you can transform the space into a gardening shed or work space.


If you are scared you might be on the next episode of “Hoarders” a good way to clean up is to purchase a storage shed and clear out your house and garage. Here you can slowly sell off things you no longer use. If you find your cars outside and all your yard equipment in the garage then it is also time for you to look into a storage shed. Keeping yard equipment in the yard and your cars in the garage will save you a fortune in the future. There are many things in our homes that are used only rarely or not used at all but are still too valuable to give away. Instead of building an addition to your home you can de clutter, organize and free up space without spending a fortune.

Pool House

If you installed a nice pool in your backyard and would like a pool house, we have many options. Our two room pool houses can be used as a changing stations where you can store towels and refreshments and the other half can be used as a storing facility for pool equipment. If you enjoy having pool parties but want to keep the fun outside, you can have the bar outside and even install a bathroom. We have many options that can fit your pool needs for a reasonable price.


Many of our customers have shared their experiences of assembling their SolidBuild storage or garden shed kits. This project is best described as a big, permanent lego project. It goes up fast and will last a long time. If there are young boys in your family make sure to incorporate them in the process which they will enjoy. Once your garden, storage shed or pool house is up, you will feel proud of having built it yourself.

For whatever the purpose you decide to use your garden, storage shed or pool house for, we guarantee that the process of building and using SolidBuild products will be positive. Take a look and see what works best for you.

How Purchasing a Quality Wooden, Garden or Storage Shed Can Decorate Your Yard

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

If you love your garden and find yourself spending many hours outside making your garden perfect you should not settle for anything else but a good quality wooden shed. SolidBuild makes wooden garden and storage sheds that are designed to enhance your yard and resemble small cottages. They act as the center piece of your garden while meeting your organizational storage needs.

Remember that investing in the right outside building will increase your real estate value. A shed can also be used to block something out of view. The natural wood works well with the environment. The wood used is also resistant to damage of extreme cold and hot weather.

Our designers pay great attention to detail to provide our customers with not only high quality product, but also a beautiful addition to your garden. Why put a great deal of effort into making your garden look perfect just to ruin it with a plain or cheap shed? SolidBuild uses the best quality lumber to create a garden or storage shed that will last you many decades.

Dress up your sheds by adding flower boxes, shutters and a veranda for intimate sittings. Paint your garden or storage shed to match well with your house. You are more likely to spend time outside if you enjoy your work space. Garden sheds are often used for planning out your landscape therefore acting as a focal point in your garden.

There is no reason to be cooped up inside during warm days and summer nights. Put your garden shed in the most beautiful part of your yard and take guests out to enjoy your well kept scenery. Our garden sheds can easily fit furniture and the many windows make for a comfortable space.

Garden sheds are known as a point of refugee from the home since mid 15th century. The shed is described in English literature as a private space for a man to run away from domestic life. While this surely can be a reason for buying a shed today, both men and women equally use todays storage and garden sheds for various activities.

A small architectural cottage, away from the house where messy projects can be worked on without worry, provides the ideal workplace for many projects. During warm weather the outside garden is a preferred spot for entertaining guests. A well kept yard can say a lot about a person and SolidBuild realizes that their garden sheds must be ascetic as well as practical.

There is an increasing popularity of making garden sheds into outside offices in UK, Australia and the United States. Additions can be expensive and many people find that they prefer to have a work space that is in a natural setting, such as their garden, and makes them more productive. People take their sheds seriously and so does SolidBuild. We make sheds to impress but keep our prices reasonable.

The traditional designs like “Wales” and “Brighton” fit a more traditional home, while our “Moderna” sheds work well with more modern architecture. Part of having a nice yard is how well you are organized. Keeping all your gardening equipment neat and organized will get you outside more working on your curb appeal. Your yard is the first thing people see and it says a lot about who you are. To protect your lawn mower, metal tools, bikes, saws, pool equipment, wheel barrow and other equipment from weathering it all must be stored. SolidBuild wooden, garden and storage sheds all lock up to keep your equipment safe.

Here at SolidBuild we have many garden shed kits to fit any storage needs. The “Columbia” garden shed is 16′ by 13′, with double doors so you can store large equipment with ease. If you have small storage needs we suggest the “Bath” shed which is 7′ by 7′. Whatever your storage needs are you will find a size and design that is perfect for you and your home. Most of our wooden sheds have opening windows which make for a comfortable work space with enough light to make repairs, potting and other jobs.

While most people use garden sheds for yard work like starting seedlings, some people transform their garden sheds into a gym or even a place to brew beer. In any case our wooden garden and storage sheds will become a sanctuary that you will be proud of. SolidBuild will provide your garden and storage sheds needs and add character to your yard.

Shed Kits For Gardening, Storage and Living

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


Since there is a large variety of garden sheds from which to choose from on the market, it is important to be able to distinguish between those sheds that are best for gardening and those for other purposes. There are a number of features that you need to consider.

Large variety from which to choose

Garden sheds have become quite a popular item in the consumer market now. There is quite a high demand for this product so there is no real surprise to see that there is a large variety being offered. The name -garden sheds, does not do justice. As many of you may already be aware, garden sheds have a multi-purpose use. They are commonly known to be used as an extra room of the house rather than a garden shed tool house. As a result, some of the garden sheds that are being offered today have been designed keeping in mind their primary purpose is to act as a room.

There are many of us that would like to have some extra space in the shed that we can use for gardening. For this reason, when you are deciding to buy a garden shed kit, there are a number of things that you need to consider which will ensure that your purpose will be met. A recent study showed that the consumer market is currently looking for sheds that can fulfill both purposes of acting as a room and also as a garden shed.

If you are hoping to have a choice of variety, a good place to look would be here at Wooden Shed Kits. Even though there are a large number of online stores currently dealing in garden sheds, very few of them are offering the two-in-one. All other stores are known to mostly offer standard garden sheds that act as a storage room. Even these rooms that are being offered are limited in design.  Due to the material used like steel, plastic, plywood they are not as practical as one would like to think.

What is a 2 in 1 feature?

So you may be asking yourself, “What is the two-in-one feature that is currently being offered by Wooden Shed Kits?” Basically offering garden sheds that have two separate compartments. One of the compartments acts as the extra room that most people use for general purpose and the other part is used for storage for gardening. These are the best sheds that you can buy for gardening. Buying a separate shed for each purpose cannot only end up costing you significantly more money, but will also consume a large amount of space in your back yard.

We are offering a large variety of garden sheds that fall under this category. What this means is that one will not be limited on choice to find something that will complement their house and garden surroundings. Another factor that gives us a competitive edge over other online web stores is in relation to the quality and price that we offer.

In terms of price, we can guarantee the lowest price. We are so confident about our price we offer, that we are willing to match the price of any store that is selling natural solid wood product at a lower price.  In addition we will also provide you with a 10% discount on top of it.

Yes one more factor that you will not be able to find easily at other online stores is excellent quality and unique product. Our garden sheds are made out of natural wood in comparison to the traditional metal and plastic. The wooden garden sheds have been proven to be much more cost effective.  They also last for a longer period of time. If you are planning to buy a garden shed kit, these factors contribute to your making the best selection.  You will be satisfied.

How Much to Spend for the Shed Kit?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

What you see is what you get

One of the best features about the garden sheds being sold by us is that our shed kits, have no hidden costs. Unlike many other online stores that sell their sheds at a cheap price, there are always hidden costs that you do not get to know about until you have actually purchases the product. By this time, it is too late and you realize that you are spending much more than you had anticipated. Some of the hidden costs that you expect to find with other companies include extra charges for delivery, tools and other accessories like windows, floors, doors, foundation elements.

Even though you may find hidden costs with other companies selling garden sheds, this is not the case with Wooden Shed Kits. The great thing about Wooden Shed Kits is that with us you simply get everything that you would need to successfully build a garden shed properly. There are no hidden costs as you simply get what you see. Unlike other companies that sell garden sheds, Wooden Shed Kits are known to include the following in their prices: windows, doors, hardware, floors. All of these mentioned are added into the one listed price of the garden shed.

How much you spend will vary depending on for what garden sheds you are looking

The amount that you can spend on a garden shed will solely be based on what type of Shed Kit for which you are looking. Wooden Shed Kits currently offer a wide variety of garden sheds. Some fall under the simple and standard category, where as others are known to be much more complex. To help decide how much you will end up spending on a garden shed, it is important to think about the main purpose for which it will be used. The prices for the sheds are known to vary quite significantly. These currently can range between $1,500 to $8,000.  As you can see, there is quite a large difference in price. What you finally decide to pay depends on the exact type of shed you choose.

Certain sheds have been designed for the purpose of a simple shed that looks nice. These sheds are still used for the same purpose of storing tools and other equipment that you may want to put away. Prices for such sheds are known to be quite low. However, if you decide to buy a shed that has been designed as a room for social fun and relaxation, you might end up paying much more.  You will be satisfied with the final amount you pay because you will have a shed that meets your needs.

Price Guarantee

The great thing about the prices is that our shed kits guaranteed for the lowest price in the market. You can easily expect to find a savings of about 30% on nearly all garden sheds in comparison to other online web stores. We are so confident that we offer the lowest price, that if you happen to come across an unlikely event where you find a garden shed of the same type being sold at a cheaper price other than their website, they will match their price and give you a 10% discount on top of it.

You may be able to find a few stores that seem to be offering a cheaper product than those at Wooden Shed Kits, when this is not the case. Most other online stores that sell garden sheds are known to keep the base cost of the shed quite low however end up being much more expensive with all the extra costs included.

Another great cost saver that you can experience with Wooden Shed Kits is in relation to delivery. At the current moment in time, Wooden Shed Kits are offering free delivery in 10 Midwest states. This will ensure that you save even more money when it comes to making your purchase.