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Tips for Organizing your Shed

Friday, June 15th, 2012

You know when you finally organize your bedroom and it is perfect for…two days, maybe a week at most?  If you take some time to do it right, and find a place where every object belongs, you’ll find that you might get a little cluttered once in a while but your space will be overly neat.  The same goes for your outside storage space.

Just like any other functioning part of your house, your garden or storage shed must be organized.  Realistically you will not be using your garden sheds very often if you do not keep it organized.  Searching for tools will take all the fun out of gardening or doing work in your shed and eventually you will have a storage shed that works as a “throw everything in and don’t look back” closet.

To organize well you should take a little time and plan your space out well.  If you set up your shed to be organized from the beginning, it will save you a lot of stress and time in the future.

Take a half an hour and separate everything you will be putting in your shed and set it aside.  Decide on shelving units and hangers.  Set aside a place to hang your hose.

Look at what you have and how you can organize it so that it will take up the least amount of space.  Add a pin up board with a calendar so you can keep track of your projects.  Try to set up permanent areas for your things so that you get use to putting them in the same spot and in becomes natural.  Going along with the environmental movement, organizing and protecting your items will make them last longer and you will be able to find them every season.

Suggestions for what to consider when organizing your shed

Magnetic bars are a fast and easy way to store your tools.  They take up little space and literally leave your hand to their proper spot.  Magic!  Use a magnetic kitchen knife bar to keep your paintbrushes.

A couple of good ideas from our friend Martha Stewart, suggests tracing tools with washable marker so it is obvious what is missing and every object has a designated space.  Add some charcoal briquettes in a cloth bag and this will prevent your tools from rusting in a tool box.

A good way to organize the inside of a shed is by adding a bookshelf or cupboard.  Metal racks are popular for organizing sheds.  Check on craigslist, many people give away furniture as long as you get it out of their house. What ever you choose, make sure it fits your storage needs.  Removable shelves are great and can be changed up as your storage needs change.

Set aside a spot for a chair where you can sit back and relax for a little from working.

This can also be a good place to read and plan out your next steps.

Keep your seeds in closed jars that will keep them safe from ruining.  Keep gloves in an open container to have them dry.

SolidBuild has a a wide range of garden shed kits in both size and price.

The Wales, Bristol, and Brighton garden sheds have many windows and make for a very well lit work space and should be considered if you are planning to do inside gardening as well.

The “Aspen” and “Columbia” garden sheds are big and can be split into two sections.  The “Derby” garden shed is already split for you and is perfect for a two functional shed.  It can be a work shop and a garden shed both in one.  “Optima” wood sheds come in many sizes to fit any storage need.  The “Moderna” sheds are beautiful contemporary sheds that will decorate your yard as well as meet function. “Douglas” shed is great for easy storage of large equipment.”Bath” garden shed is perfect for those who are looking for a smaller shed.

Some resources are added below that have some great photos and more ideas.

Remember have fun when designing and organizing your perfect shed!

Resources and great links for more ideas

Martha Steward Living. 2012

Organize with Sandy